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Then Jesus Came…

It is very interesting to me to reconsider that the night of Jesus birth. There was no fanfare, no presents, no singing, big family gatherings, or anxious anticipation for the morning. As a matter of fact, Mary and Joseph were probably pretty lonely. Away from their home, no one had a room they could stay in that night, they were in a stable for goodness sakes, Mary was probably very uncomfortable at 9 months pregnant, and Joseph was probably feeling like an inadequate husband/new dad because he couldn’t provide a better situation for them both. If you think about it, it was a pretty stressful night where things were just not going their way.

Then Jesus was born. There is no clearer picture of Jesus meeting us where we are. Mary and Joseph were marginalized strangers from out of town that were too late for the nice hotel room. But Jesus came and all that didn’t matter. People started showing up in their lives telling them they had been anticipating them. These visitors wanted to bless them with gifts. Mary & Joseph wanted to believe they had something special but in the midst of the travel and stress may have lost sight of it. But then Jesus came and it changed.

That night is a picture of our own lives, our kids lives, our families lives, our friends lives, another strangers life. No matter what the circumstance looks like, Jesus will come. Sometimes We’ve just got to be somewhere we don’t want to be at an inconvenient time where the prospects of being comfortable don’t look good. But that’s when Jesus comes. Know that no situation is too hopeless that Jesus can’t come and change it.

Merry Christmas! A Savior Has Been Born!

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