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Author: Taylor Edge
Published: January 2019
Pages: 118

More Than A Believer, A Practical Guide To A Transformed Life chronicles Taylor's  life from selfish success to selfless significance. Along with his story, the book shares valuable life lessons and practical steps anyone can take to experience a transformed life.

Also includes a simple 1 page daily devotional to provide practical ways to live out your faith.

More Than A Believer: About


Would you call yourself a Christian, but feel the lifestyle tension between Saturday night and Sunday morning? Maybe you don't really know much about this Jesus guy that people talk about, but you've had an experience that you can't explain away as pure coincidence. Or maybe even, you nodded your head to both of those statements. Let me encourage you, you're not weird or wrong or ALONE!

I was this person. Moved by emotion and desires of inclusion, I was baptized at age 8, but spent the next 20 years living a lifestyle that pleased myself and aligned with the values and applause of the world. I had always solved my problems and controlled my happiness with a well-paying job, nice house, sporty cars, exciting travels, beautiful wife and being a "nice", fun guy. But none of those could solve my problem. I needed something or someone I could blame.  So one day, with the intent to use God as my scapegoat, I challenged Him with an unsolvable problem.... and God miraculously solved my problem. But solving a problem wasn’t His desire, it was merely His method to wake me up.

Maybe you realize you need to or have begun to wake up to the fact that all of the things you thought would bring you happiness and fulfillment just don’t!  That is an overwhelming place to be because your desire is to change.  But now you are left with the questions: Can I change? What is interfering with me changing? How do I start to change? Does God still want me now?

MORE THAN A BELIEVER is my journey from selfish to selfless and the practical steps I took that transformed me from an "agreer" of the Bible into the follower Christ is calling us all to be. Humorously and vulnerably, I describe the difference between a believer and a follower, what interferes with us actually doing good, how to get on the right track, and the all-important mindset shifts that occur along the way.  Additionally, there's a 40 day devotional guide included to help you restart your own journey.

If you want to be encouraged and inspired to live the life you’ve been designed for, become MORE THAN A BELIEVER.


If you want to read something that will encourage and inspire you, this is your book! With humor and honest examples from his own life, Taylor encourages us to live the life we were made to live. He offers practical ways and insights into knowing God better and finding His purposes for us. Very encouraging and motivating!


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