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Are You Experiencing an Eclipse

The relationship of the moon and sun is a great analogy for our lives in Christ.  The only way the moon shines is by reflecting the light of the sun.  It has no illumination on its on. It depends on a power greater than its own to be its best.

That is exactly how we as Christians fulfill our purpose on earth.  We reflect the light of the Son.  We have no illumination on our own.  Sin has taken care of that.  But when we turn our life over to a power much greater than ourselves, we then reflect that power, reflect that light to the people and places we go.

We should live our lives with a desire to be a reflection of the Son.  And remember just like an eclipse, the only thing that can block the suns light from hitting the moon is the world getting in the way.  It is the same in our relationship with the Son.  Don't let the worldly things block the Son from reflecting off of us.  Stay in His light!


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