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Camouflaged Influence

Our lives are being influenced every day, even every moment. The things we surround ourselves with shape who we are and who we become. If we hang around friends who cuss & drink, we’ll eventually find ourselves cussing and drinking. If we are around people that constantly complain and are pessimistic, there is a great chance we will start complaining and being negative. Same thing with what we read, watch on TV, follow on social media, and music we listen to. All those outlets, whether we choose to admit it or not, are influencing us to think or act certain ways. We choose to allow what influences us. I know this is true because I have allowed myself to be influenced by negative things, but I have also seen how changing my influences has positively affected me.

Attending church and putting myself in an environment to hear truth has certainly made the difference. Just going to church doesn’t make me a Christian, but it influences me live the life of a Christian. Same thing for what I listen to. I loved country music but the more I paid attention to what I was allowing to influence me, I realized it was promoting behaviors and thoughts that didn’t align with where I wanted to go. So I turned on christian radio and started listening to positive, uplifting music that spoke to the person I wanted to be. Same thing with Joel Osteen. Started listening to him speak truth and encouragement. Reading books about inspirational people, inspirational topics, and truth have been a significant life shaper. What we use to entertain us turns into what is influencing and shaping us.

All these things are just additions and add ons to waking up and spending time in scripture and a daily devotional. God’s word has galvanized my thoughts, beliefs, actions, and future. It is the foundation. But it takes daily attention. It does no good to eat a healthy breakfast then eat garbage for lunch and dinner. Start off right and continue that direction with the influences we surround ourselves with throughout the day.

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