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C = P x R

Change = Process x Relationship

When you want change for the better in your life… it takes 2 things….

1. PROCESS - We say all of the time that change is a process not an event. It takes a proven, simple process to realize change in your life.

2. RELATIONSHIP - You can rarely change on your own. You need someone in your corner, encouraging you and walking out the process with you. Without relationship, you will likely quit before you even get started or give up at the first touch with resistance.

That’s why the good idea you heard on that podcast or read in that great book didn’t change you. Because you didn’t have someone helping you live it out.

The reason the formula is an “x” not a “+” is because if either of the variables is ZERO, there is ZERO change.

You’ll only change when P and R exist.

At Season Builder, we provide the P and the R. Over 70 people have experienced it and benefited!

If you are ready for C in your life, reach out to us… #seasonbuilder


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