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Don't Shrink God

I used to have thoughts that God is real but He's got 6 billion people to keep track of.  How can I be special?   How can He really care about me deeply? Now I see the box that I used to put God in.  I was defining who & how big God is.  I read something the other day that was profound and formerly true in my eyes.  We often shrink God down to the size of our biggest problem.  We think a particular issue in our life is so big that we can't overcome it.  Even if we pray and ask God to guide us through it, we're not really sure that's possible.  We've got to tear open the box, and allow a great God to work.

God is uncomprehendingly able and loving.  We are the ones that think too small.  But here is the kicker.  But he loves us anyway.  We doubt, He loves. We don't see a way, He's just asking you to see it through His eyes.  We fail, He picks us back up.  He is so interested in us fulfilling our purpose on this earth, He doesn't give up.  He speaks to us in our particular language such as songs, books, prayers, circumstances, and other people.  Guiding, directing, correcting, encouraging, closing one door so we walk through the better open door. God is relentlessly FOR us.

I have learned through trust that God is soooooo for me and calls me by my name, it is scary. I can see evidence of His hand at work in my life every day.  All we've got to do is tear open the box.

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