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Get Your “But” Out of the Way

As I have learned more about the great people of the bible, I really have been inspired by Moses. He was a shepard who stuttered & had killed somebody. He was not a classically trained warrior with eloquent inspiring speeches and a clean track record.

God came to Moses and said my people are being persecuted so I am choosing you to lead them out of Egypt. Moses felt inferior and certainly unqualified. But God then said, Go, and I will be with you. Moses had to get his but out of the way. Notice I did not say get his butt out of the way, but his but. We all need to get our buts out of the way.

But I’ve never done that before. But nobody will listen to me. But I will let my friend/coworkers/team down. But I’m not fast enough. But I’m not tall enough. But I’m not strong enough. But I’m not as faithful as I need to be. But I’ll look stupid. But where will the income come from? But what if this isn’t what God is calling me to do?

Feeling a calling from God comes from our heart. It is sometimes a process that develops and other times it is a lightning bolt. But whichever it is, it always involves the heart. That is where our passions, pure desires, dreams, our deep joy is. It may use our knowledge, experience, physical strength, or quality/skill but our calling comes from the heart. Consider this … “When God doesn’t call the qualified, God qualifies the called.” This is saying your calling is above your skills/experience/knowledge.

So now get your but out of the way and move into who God is calling you to be. He will be with you and that’s all you need.


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