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Platform Or Purpose

I love the idea of God assignments. I believe God has assignments for us all, but I have started questioning the specificity of those assignments. As I’ve reflected on purpose/calling/passions recently, I believe we are all made for a specific purpose, but it is all the same. To love God and to love others. That is why we were we created. We were not made to make money or raise children or be president or to be a pro athlete… Those are our platforms not our purpose. What you do is how you live out your purpose, not your purpose.

If you coach, that is not what you were made to do. You were made to love God and love others. How you do that is by being a coach. If you play a sport, you were not made to play that sport, you were made to bring glory to God (which is loving God) through that sport. If you work for a company, you were not made to work specifically there. You were made to love the people there. That is just where you are living out your purpose.

I can be confident in this because of a simple fact of life … situations change. God didn’t make Casius Clay aka Muhammad Ali to box. God used that platform to allow Clay to love others after boxing had been taken away. And even though Clay turned to Ali, it didn’t change why he was made. His situation changed but his purpose didn’t. Our status on the team may change, but our purpose doesn’t. Our occupation may change, but our purpose doesn’t.

What you do is not your purpose. I’ve had an epiphany in that thinking. My purpose is to love God & love others. Where & how I do that isn’t near as important to God as me actually doing that. If it’s in a business, great. If it is in a school, awesome. If it is at church, thumbs up. If it’s in your sport, play on!

If you’ve been searching for purpose, you’ve found it. You can now move on to implementation. Start praying for your platform and be confident in your purpose.

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