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Stop With The "Busy"

Recently I was talking to a friend who had seen social media posts of testimonies of my new Season Builder program. She said “man you’ve been busy!” I paused for a moment, laughed and said ”I’ve been really productive.”

There is a huge difference.

Both busy and productive describe activity over time. The key difference is the result of that activity over time. Productive produces something of value and purpose and meaning. Busy doesn’t.

Busy is using time. Productive is using time wisely. Productive is utilizing time to engage in an activity that produces a meaningful result. Busy utilizes time to engage in an activity that produces a meaningless result.

Busy produces frustration because you have nothing to show for all of the time you spent. Busy produces regret because you didn’t use that unrecoverable time wisely. Busy produces an escape from problems… for a while … until the busyness is over and the problem is still sitting there staring you in the face. You don’t want what busy produces

I’d like to encourage you to stop being busy. I’d like to encourage you to stop using the word all together. Busy doesn’t add value. Busy doesn’t win championships or write books or grow companies or build relationships or promote a mentally or emotionally healthy you! But productive does!

Start asking yourself throughout the day.

I am staying busy or being productive?

Busy frustrates, productive invigorates.

Don’t settle for busy! Choose to be productive!


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