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What If He Would’ve Kept Quiet

The story regarding a blind man that was healed told in Luke 18:35-43 really stands out to me. As Jesus walked down the road, a blind beggar heard someone say Jesus was coming down the road.  The man cried out to Jesus to have mercy on him. At first, the entourage traveling with Jesus told the man to be quiet. But the man persisted. Eventually Jesus asked that the man be brought to Him and Jesus healed the blind man.

I’ve never considered what would have happened to the man if he would have just kept quiet. With the large group traveling with Jesus, I assume the man would have never been seen, Jesus would have walked on by, and the man would not have been healed. He would have stayed blind and poor. How was his life different though because he decided to cry out to Jesus? He was obviously not satisfied with his current situation and was DESPERATE for a change.  He was not willing to allow his current situation to be the end of his story. So he cried out to Jesus.

What have we just gotten used to or resigned ourselves to thinking “that’s just the way it is?” If we want something better, cry out to Jesus. And be willing to cry out again when something or someone says HUSH!  Cry out to Jesus. And then learn about Him, do what His disciples did.  Life is so much more than what we settle for.

And one last truth… we will never see the result of a prayer that we never pray. Are you desperate enough to cry out to Jesus?

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