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What’s Your Limit

We can never out give God.  He has no limit.  We as humans reach limits.  Most of the time, they are not hard limits, but rather points that we don’t think we can go beyond before it starts to have a detrimental impact on our lives.  It’s our faith limit.

Athletes push themselves beyond their physical limits to establish a new limit.  That is how they improve.  The athletes that go right up to their present limit and stop; never grow.  They never get to the point of creating a new limit.  Same with a job.  Those that only work up to their limit and stop, never produce more. I am not saying work longer hours, but push the limits of your knowledge in your field of expertise.  Fixed mindset people think there is a limit to … what they can learn, how hard they can work, how caring they can be, and how fulfilling life can get.  God is telling us to push the limits of what we think is possible to experience His fullness.

I am being challenged to see what my limit of generosity is.  Generosity with my money, generosity with my time.  What is my limit?  Am I going to push through my self imposed limit to see what real faith is?  We all have a faith limit that needs to be pushed beyond where it currently sits. In whatever aspect of life that limit exists, be willing and courageous enough to go past it to see what a limitless God can give back in response to that faith.

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