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Who Are We ...REALLY?

This topic is near and dear to my heart. The  topic of our gifts.  God does not make mistakes.  He didn't forget to give any of us an innate way of serving the kingdom and bringing value to the lives of others.  So when I hear people say they don't have any talents or they don't have any gifts, it really makes me sad.  God made every one of us for a unique purpose.  No one can do or make someone else feel loved the way that we uniquely can. That is our special way.  Our biggest hurdle is we can't see it or we've put ourselves where we want to be not where God wants us to be.

Our biggest God challenge is to stop being who the world says we need to be and start being who God wants us to be.  I'm not saying a good paying job, with a sweet spouse and 2.5 kids in the suburbs isn't something God calls us to. That may be exactly where he is calling.  But what I am saying is we must get real with God and invest time and energy in seeking or confirming who we really are (who He made us to be) and how he wants to use us.

What do you love?  Even if your parents thought you were crazy, spouse thought you were crazy, kids thought you were crazy, boss thought you were crazy, friends at church thought you were crazy, and most importantly even YOU thought you were crazy.  When you stiff arm the world's opinions of you and get super real with yourself, what do you love?  God put that there ... so go make a difference with that. It may be making a million dollars selling software... God can use that.  It may be writing a book... God can use that.  It may be being home for your kids when they come home from school and being the taxi driver for them...God can use that.

Let's start caring more about what God thinks than what "they" think.  "They" need to hear this message too.  God bless us!


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