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Why Women's College Golf?

What I have acknowledged about myself is that God has given me the gift of encouragement.  I have a heart to encourage others and the energy to do it relentlessly.

During an intentional season of seeking and being open to God's leading, I completed the book Burn Your Goals.  It helped me clarify my own purpose, challenge me to love & serve, and push me to consider what else was out there for me.    It was so impactful that I decided to fly to Denver in early June to take part in an "experience" with the 2 authors Joshua & Jamie.  I didn't know what to expect.  Were there going to be 5 people or 500.  Sitting around a table or in a large classroom where you wear the blue bordered Hi, My Name Is __________ name tag.  I had no preconceived notions or expectations other than to learn a little more in person from some guys that seemed to be on my track.

As the experiment was organized, the offer was extended to come out a day early and play golf. I love golf.  I've played since 11 and it's been a refuge for me.  So I thought the opportunity to grow personally AND play golf was a match made in heaven.  The next day as I met the other attendees, I was totally blown away.  I was surrounded by women's college golf coaches from Vandy, LSU, Ohio State, Missouri, TCU, Boise State, Notre Dame College, and a number of other amazing people.  I was able to establish a friendship with those coaches over the next day. As I left Denver, I was overwhelmed with why God brought me all the way to Denver and put me in a room full of women's college golf coaches.

A number of months later, it all came together.  My passion is to encourage young people.  I work with football, basketball, cheer, volleyball, baseball, and softball.  What I realized is all of those players have home games. A football player  may run out of the tunnel on a Friday or Saturday and hear thousands of fans cheering them on.  Similar in other sports. But what I realized is ... golf has no home game.  They have no playing environment that promotes encouragement. Most if not all of there competitions are away.  Other than a coach or parent here and there, they get no outside encouragement.

This point was reinforced in September when I attended a college women's tournament.   I was able to reconnect with a few friends from the Denver experience.  My intent was to go support those two friend's programs. When I got there, it was obvious God had a different plan.  I ended up following a player from Texas, Mexico, and England.  Other than their coach, no one was there to encourage them and build them up.  On 10, I was the only one walking with them. 1 of the ladies turned to me and said "at least you didn't leave me".  I was struck with peace and a sense of purpose. I have been gifted with encouragement and I am being guided to a sport that needs it.

They aren't the only ones that need encouragement. We ALL NEED IT.  I believe and trust God is going to use this ministry of encouragement well beyond the golf course but that is where He wants me to start.

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