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Your Past Doesn't Disqualify You

Going to get straight to the point & truth.  No matter your past, God's amazing grace is able to wash you clean from guilt, shame, and our perceived unforgivable sin.  All of that baggage is keeping us from fullness of life. We must make a decision at some point in our life that we are going to pack up the past, slap a strip of tape on it, and give it to God so He can take it away as far as the east is from the west.

The more I connect with old friends and make new ones, I see God's amazing grace at work and transformation occurring in people who have decided to turn away from their old ways and live a life called and guided by Jesus.  Just this week I reconnected with a college friend that had a front row seat to some of my lowest and most sinful moments.  What struck me was not who we were but how far we've come. I know what it feels like and see what it looks like for God to turn ashes into beauty.  If we can do it, anybody can do it. All things are possible through Christ who provides the strength.

Please pray for someone today that needs to know their past does not disqualify them from Gods rewards. Even their current transgressions are a decision away from being washed away.  Someone in your circle of influence needs to hear this message today. Lord, may you put people in our lives today that need to hear this message! Amen.

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