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Coaching the Purpose

Coach, I wanted to encourage you and offer a perspective that may help as your develop the character of your players. We do a lot of work with young people. One of the recurring themes is lack of purpose. They are unhappy or worse, find themselves circumstantially depressed and/or anxious. When we listen and ask a few questions, many times it's related to lack of purpose or meaning in their life. I'd also say this is not just reserved for young people.

Another way you can use your SB Teams Culture Plan with your team is to talk about purpose.

We aren't just sending a text message to teammate or doing our homework first thing or holding doors open for people to check a box. None of us needs another meaningless thing to do to say we did it. We do these things for a purpose.

  • We text teammates to show them we care about them, that they are seen and valued and matter to us. We are doing that action that particular week with a purpose.

  • We do our homework first thing before video games or social media because we know ourselves. We need accountability to do the things we know serve us best. It's not to make our lives harder, it's to prove to ourselves that we can do hard things. There is more in them than they believe for themselves and when they get their homework knocked out, they eliminate the negativity that procrastination gives them.

  • We open doors for other people to practice showing gratitude and appreciation but also to put ourselves in a position to experience the joy of serving others. There is a purpose to a simple physical act with a glass door. It is not doing something to tell coach we did it. We are using simple, every day life to train our character.

Your team is doing this culture plan over the next 8-10 weeks to get intentional about growing in the character skills that make us great teams and great people. Coach the purpose as much as we coach the action. When we expose kids to purpose, we expose them to a doorways out of negativity, hopelessness, depression, and anxiety.

I so appreciate you! You are the warrior on the front lines! Please let me know how we can be of more value to you and your team!


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