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Increase Your YAC!

While I was watching football this weekend, I was reminded of a stat I love … YAC (Yards After Contact)

When adversity makes contact with you, can you stay on your feet and keep moving forward or do you crumble at the point of impact? The most successful people in life have a high YAC.

Football players with high YAC’s have a few characteristics that you can also apply to your life.

  1. BALANCE- They have great balance. When you get hit by adversity, you have to have balance. If you are wrapped up in your sport and you have no balance in your life… you will crumble. To have balance, see your sport as something you do, not who you are. Have relationships outside of your team. Give proper attention to your school work. Be engaged on a spiritual journey. Spend time thinking about other interests you have. Create some balance in your life.

  2. VISION - Their eyes are up and they see beyond the point of contact. Players with high YAC always have their eyes focused ahead…on the goal line or first down marker. When you get hit by adversity in life, you have to have a clear view of where you’re going. If you only look at your setback, you’ll stay there. Start thinking now about what you want in the future, who you want to become, what fits your personality and skills. Start creating vision into your future so you’ll know the setback isn’t your stopping point.

  3. MINDSET - They remind themselves of the truth. They expect to be hit and inspire themselves to keep going. When adversity hits, how are you talking to yourself? Are you reminding yourself “Pain is temporary”, “My dreams are more important than their opinions”, “The only person that can stop me is me”, “If this is the worst thing that ever happens to me, I’ll be ok”, “There is no failure, I either win or learn”, “If it’s important, I’ll find a way. If not, I’ll find an excuse”. If you don’t remind yourself of the truth, disappointment will trip you up. Doubt will pull you back. Self pity and fear will wrestle you to the ground. What phrases are you teaching yourself NOW, so when you are targeted, you don’t go down?

One of the facts of life is … challenges and difficulty are out there. They are coming whether you like it or not. You are better off training for the moment than you are trying to avoid the moment.

Intentionally spend time working on your BALANCE, VISION, and MINDSETNOW … because your YAC (Yards After Contact) has a lot to say about how far you ultimately go in life.

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