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Most Important Election is Personal not Political

I'm going to ask it ... Who are you going to vote for?

I don't mean Donald Trump or Joe Biden. Yes, it's important to exercise your civic duty and let your voice be heard, but whichever man wins the political election isn't near as important to your future as the one that wins your personal election.

Many of us come to a point in our life where we are unhappy or dissatisfied with where we are and/or the person we have become. Unfulfilled promises, excuses, laziness, broken relationships, abandoned faith, alcohol/drugs, selfishness, fear, pride...the road to to this place of discontent is paved with these things.

The good news is, you're tired of it. You are ready to move forward and realize a life of purpose and meaning. So an election begins ....

There are 2 candidates.

The incumbent candidate has been in office and is the person you've been. This candidate supports staying in comfort zones, harmless white lies, excuses, selfishness, staying "busy", getting ahead and negativity.

Then there is a newcomer that promises change, a better way of life... and is the person you want to be. This candidate is running on a platform of discipline, accountability, focus, courage, authenticity, patience, and honesty.

In James Clear's book Atomic Habits, he explains the concept of Casting the Vote for the person you want to be. The candidate that wins your personal election is the one that gets the most votes!

Each choice, each decision, each action you take is either casting a vote for the person you want to be... or the person you've been.

  • Each time to grab an apple instead of a Reese's cup, you cast a vote.

  • Each time you get out of bed instead of hit the snooze, you cast a vote.

  • Each time you go work out even thought you don't feel like it, you cast a vote

  • Each time you grab coffee with a friend instead of avoiding people, you cast a vote.

  • Each time you open the Bible app instead of Instagram, you cast a vote.

  • Each time you choose to be optimistic rather than pessimistic, you cast a vote

On the flip side

  • Each time you show up late for an appointment, you cast a vote

  • Each time you employ sarcasm instead of understanding, you cast a vote

  • Each time you tell a lie to protect your reputation or avoid confrontation, you cast a vote

  • Each time you justify yet another an unfulfilled commitment, you cast a vote

To take some pressure off, just like a political election, the candidate that wins doesn't have to get every vote. They just have to get more votes than the other candidate. Your personal election works the same way. Do more Candidate #2 things than Candidate #1 things.

Unlike a political election where it sometimes seems like your vote doesn't matter, in your personal election, YOUR VOTE IS CRITICAL. You are the only one that determines the winner. The outcome is in your hands (and cemented by your habits). YOU ARE IN CONTROL

The progress and greatness of our own lives and our country will be determined by how many PERSONAL elections (not political) are won this season. So, I'll ask that all important question one more time...

Who are you going to vote for?

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