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Promote, Practice, Praise, & Protect

There are 4 P's to effective character building and culture development. We must constantly Promote, Practice, Praise and Protect our values and culture!


You must PROMOTE your values and their definitions by bringing them up consistently throughout the week in team conversations, text messages, group messages, social media, and individual meetings with staff and players.


You must PRACTICE your values by modeling it yourself and talking about your experience. Our SB Teams Culture Plan actions exist to give us intentional and purposeful ways to practice our values. Encourage your players and staff to practice your values through the actions you defined in your SB Teams Culture Plan. We grow through doing ... we grow through practice.


You must PRAISE a staff member or player in the moment that you see them doing an action or modeling the value. Praise them when they are operating within the culture. Don't wait until after practice or at the end of the week. Praise it immediately. You will always get more of what you praise. Please do not have the attitude that "they are doing what they are supposed to do so why should you praise them". You yell at them when they do something wrong to stop the losing behavior. Think of this as yelling at them when they do something right to produce more winning behavior.


You must also PROTECT your culture by pointing out behavior or actions that are not in line with your values. And after making them aware of the counterproductive behavior, point them back toward what TO DO or what behaviors they need to model instead. This is typically best received if you pull them aside when possible. Embarrassment and shame will correct bad or unproductive behavior in the moment, but it will breed distrust and contempt. As distrust and contempt grow, you lose your influence. Protecting your culture in a productive and positive way is critical to building a strong person and team culture.

Employ the 4 Ps on a daily basis to grow the character of the players and thus build a strong, resilient culture.


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