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Trust the Process

No matter your college allegiance, one phrase that you have heard and know to be true is Trust the Process. It is so easy to say and even believe but the pressure and the weight to see and produce results can stress you out when they don't come quick enough! Me too!

It is the same in young people's attitudes and character as it is in winning.

Change is a Process, not an Event

It takes consistency, intentionality, and time.

  • Keep saying your principles when they look like they are rolling their eyes.

  • Keep asking players how their off field actions are going even when they laugh or are silent.

  • Keep sending text messages and group messages even if they do not reply or like the message.

  • Keep praising progress when it is slow and sporadic.

  • Keep being the example when you frustrated and discouraged and question whether it's making a difference.

I'm not being over dramatic when I say you play such an important role in re-establishing moral, ethical, and physical strength of our country. It starts with the young men and women on your teams.

Keep fighting the good fight!

They are worth it and you are able!


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