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Culture & Character Development Program

The biggest GAP in the world is the gap between

what we KNOW and what we DO!

Your team KNOWS your values and culture, but do they

LIVE them?

Season Builder Team is a 2 hour interactive workshop that equips players, coaches, and staff to LIVE their culture by... 

Values from NOUNS to VERBS


Intentional ACTIONS On and Off Field/Court 


Inspiring PRINCIPLES to Overcome Adversity 

Coaching Character Series


Collection of ideas, concepts, and reminders to help you stay intentional, consistent and effective at developing the character of your players

What does it mean to turn your values from a
NOUN into a VERB?

What's a R.E.P?

Noun To Verb

Why should Emotions Ride but Principles Drive?

Principles Drive


The issue is maintaining the momentum after an impactful workshop



After the workshop, we deliver a CULTURE GAME PLAN that includes a daily and weekly plan to enable the staff to maintain the positive momentum and actually train the culture.  Get in the R.E.P.s


The Culture Game Plan includes all of the actions and principles that were defined and chosen during the workshop.  So it is not us telling you what you should do.  It's you reminding each other of what you said you were going to do.


Session Descriptions

Session 1 - Nouns to Verbs

  • Teaching on turning WORDS (Values) to ACTION

  • Player small group discussion on ACTIONS

  • Interactive player voting to decide on ACTIONS they will do as a team

  • Teaching on putting in REPs (Relentless Execution w/ Purpose)


OUTPUT: List of player-chosen PROACTIVE, MEASUREABLE actions to live out the programs values away from the field/court

Session 2 - When You Don't Feel Like It


  • Teaching on living by PRINCIPLES not FEELINGS

  • Guided player small group discussions on thoughts 

  • Player voting to adopt team PRINCIPLES


OUTPUT: Player-chosen, team-adopted PRINCIPLES for each value that drive behavior WHEN YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE IT!

Session 3 - Team Building Activity

  • Fun, group activity  that allows the players to compete and learn why and how VALUES matter

  • Customized teaching relating your team's VALUES to what occurred during the activity

  • Gives them a break from the classroom!


OUTPUT: Fun, practical example of how VALUES help you win

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