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Values Video Clip Library

We know how much time you can spend trying to find a meaningful video clip to show your players that emphasizes a character skill you are trying to instill in your players.

We spent some time and created a page that has a lot of great clips categorized by values.

So if you are looking for a video clip that speaks to Discipline for example, you can

  1. Click on the Video Library link below (remember to bookmark it)

  2. Click on the word Discipline and it will take you down to a few clips on Discipline.

  3. Same for values such as Trust, Humble, etc. We have over 30 values there. We are adding clips as we come across them so check back if you find it helpful.

Video Library (can also be found at > Coaches > Values Based Video Clip Library)

Here are the examples for Discipline ...

Navy Seal William McRaven - Make your bed

Coach Buzz Williams - Daily Disciplines and Responsibility

Cameron Wake - Is it Worth it?

Denzel Washington - Don't Be Afraid to Fail

Kara Lawson - Can't Skip Steps

Seth Greenberg - Be an Every Play, Every Day Guy

This is just another way we are trying to make character development less time consuming for you!

Let us know any other way we can be of service!


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