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Culture & Character Development Program

The biggest GAP in the world is the gap between

what we KNOW and what we DO!

Your team KNOWS your values and culture, but do they LIVE them?

SB Teams is a comprehensive program that equips coaches, players, and staff to GROW IN and LIVE OUT their culture. 

Benefits of SB Teams...

  • Communicate your values and culture in a consistent, streamlined way

  • Create a simple, practical plan for character development using your program's values

  • Influence your player's behavior at home, with their friends, and in the classroom

  • Invest 5 minutes a day on character development with no daily preparation



Culture & Values Clarification

You may have the type of culture you want in your head or know you want to make your players better people, but you've never thought it through, written it down, and communicated it clearly.

We take you through a process to gain this clarity!


Interactive Team Workshop

We want to make culture building fun.  We also give players a voice in the process to create ownership.


This 2 hour team building workshop does both of those things and gives information for the final step in the process ... the PLAN




Everyone has game plans, practice plans, workout plans, off season plans ... but why no CULTURE PLAN?

No time, No template!  We take your values and standards and build a customized daily plan for you to intentionally build character and culture.

Culture & Values Clarification

A member of our team will meet with you (and your staff if you like) to clarify the culture, values, and standards of your program.  This process would answer questions and define things in the following manner ...

  1. What are our values? (narrow down to 3-5)

    • Example:  SACRIFICE

  2. What do each of those values actually mean.  How do we define those words so we can clearly communicate to our team?

    • Example: SACRIFICE : Enduring Discomfort for the benefit of myself and others

  3. What are our specific standards?  What are the expectations for living out those values that I am holding my players and myself to?

    • Example: SACRIFICE : Enduring Discomfort for the benefit of myself and others

      • Be 5 minutes early to 6AM workouts​

      • Encourage and help the teammate ahead of you in the depth chart improve

      • Stay late after practice to get in an extra workout instead of hanging out/playing video games with friends



  1. Enables you to clearly communicate and measure the culture and expectations of the program

  2. Gets all of your coaching staff on the same page

  3. Turns your values from conceptual NOUNS to actionable VERBS

Interactive Team Workshop

Now that you have your culture and values clearly defined, it is important to create OWNERSHIP.  We do that by giving players a voice in the process. 

  • 2 Hour Fun and Interactive Onsite Workshop

  • 2 Small Group Sessions to Discuss Off Field/Court Standards

  • Real time Voting on Standards with Phone

  • Inspiring Phrases to Fuel Your Actions WHEN YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE IT

  • Team Building Activities Throughout the Workshop



  1. Focused, intentional opportunity to clearly communicate your values and standards to the team and staff

  2. Players commit to character building habits at home, in the classroom, and socially with each other

  3. Teammates learn more about each other and form bonds

  4. Valuable player input to incorporate into the culture plan 


You have a practice plan to keep you focused on the areas of the game where you need to improve.  A culture plan does the same thing ... it helps you and your players stay focused on improving as people.

Your Culture Plan details...

  • Plan length is based on the number of values. 
    4 Values = 8 Week Plan |  5 Values = 10 Week Plan

  • Focus on a Value per week and hit each Value twice over the course of the plan

  • Each day (Monday - Sunday) is scripted giving you detailed instructions on what to say/do each day.  NO THINKING REQUIRED!  Just execute!

  • Plan script helps you communicate clearly and build relationships with your players

  • Part of plan includes specific prompts to communicate with parents 

Coaching Character Series


Collection of ideas, concepts, and reminders to help you stay intentional, consistent and effective at developing the character of your players

What does it mean to turn your values from a
NOUN into a VERB?

Noun To Verb

Why should Emotions Ride but Principles Drive?

Principles Drive


All of us have good intentions.  But we give ourselves too much credit for what we can remember!

We create cool phone lock screen graphics that keep your VALUES in consistent sight to remind players and coaches of the person they want to be!  


The right things in front of their eyes

lead to

right thoughts in their minds

which lead to

right actions from their mouths, hands, and feet

which lead to 

right habits for their life

which leads to 

right culture for your team

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