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Don't Miss Your Shot

God is speaking, nudging, prompting, revealing, directing our steps daily.  The question is are we paying attention.  When we feel that conviction in our heart and mind, are we acting on it or are we dismissing it & preventing God from doing the next big thing in our lives or the lives of others.  Recently, I got a call out of the blue from a friend I met at a conference in Denver.  I had not spoken with him since we met 5 months ago.  When he called me, he prefaced his whole conversation with "you are probably going to think I'm crazy". I knew it was going to be special because that is the same thing I say when I'm about to tell people my God story of selling my businesses and focusing my time on young people.

He went on to tell me that my #TodayIWill posts have gotten him through some tough times with his daughter and some issues at work.  And even he had made a decision to train for a 1/2 marathon, but didn't feel like running the previous morning.  But because of #TodayIWill,  he did.  And on that run, he said God spoke to him and directed him to call me and tell me that God had plans for #TodayIWill.  He dismissed it 2 different times that morning, but said he could not NOT call me.

You can imagine how encouraging and inspiring that call and story was to me.  All because he became convicted and had the courage to call me... overcoming the fear and uncertainty of how I might take it. My prayer is we don't miss our God directed opportunities to act of God's prompting.  They are very often the boost another needs!


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