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Free Your Captive

In Judges 6:12, an angel appears to Gideon and tells him he is a mighty warrior. It is the truth for all of us, but there are days when we don’t feel like a mighty warrior. That is where hope and faith come in. I don’t like feeling weak, helpless, limited in value, diluted, unfocused, or less than who God says I am. But the brokenness in us all comes out in our vulnerable moments. Filling our heads with all these thoughts. And then we have a decision to make…

Are we going to be the mighty warrior God says we are (flaws and limitations included) or are we going to stay selfish and continue to tell ourselves we are way less than He says we are. It’s not easy to make the right choice. It takes less work to stay down and pout. There are few expectations down there. It comes too natural.

But what do warriors do? They fight. We are our own worst enemy. I read recently “Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” Sometimes that someone is one’s self. The biggest and most important battles we will fight are with ourselves. When we wage war against the negative, helpless us, we free the captive of our greatness. As I write this, I am holding myself captive this morning. And right now, I am making a decision to not allow that to happen. I have been training for this moment. The cell door is wide open, there is no need to stay in here. I am thankful beyond measure and capable beyond my current horizon. Let’s be special today!

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