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It’s Not the Hand, It’s the Heart

There is so much capacity within us if we figure out what we love and don’t let anything stand in our way!

This young lady is the poster child for ‪#‎undefeated‬.  Don’t miss this!

  • How many times did she cry when she dropped the ball learning to transfer?

  • How many bad days did she have at practice?

  • How many times did she strikeout learning to bat?

  • How many times did she feel inferior because other teams tried to take advantage of her perceived disability?

What you see in this video did not just happen 1 day. There were long days, plenty of tears, someone that encouraged her to keep trying, tons of failed attempts, plenty of people that were willing to let her off the hook and say she was a winner for just trying.  Like ‪#‎TodayIWill‬ said this morning, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN STOP YOU!

The biggest difference between her and us isn’t her hand, it’s her heart.  Now lace em up, punch the pocket of your glove and LET’S GO!


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