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Swing the Hammer

Years ago, we wanted a stone walkway that connected the back of the house to the front of the house.  We decided the route around the house, what we wanted it to look like, what materials we needed, and read articles on how to actually build it (pre YouTube).  We put together a plan.  I finally got the walkway done but it ended up costing us more than we thought and took longer than we thought it would.   But we worked, went the Lowes, worked some more, read the articles again, ripped up a section we had done, went to Lowes again, rebuilt that section, etc.  You get the picture.  But we worked until it was completed and were super happy that we had kept with it and had a great walkway to enjoy. We built what we set out build.

Years after that, I identified another project that needed done.  It was ME.  I needed a different life than the one I had been building.  God miraculously moved in my life to show me that.  And just like a walkway around the house, the process is the same.

In my case, I didn’t know exactly what the end product would look like, but I knew I didn’t like what I had built so far. But don’t get confused.  The worldly things I had built were grand. Success, wife, college education, money, job.  But my outside story of success did not match my inside story of guilt in the person I had become.

So I put together a new course.  With my language, my social life, my money, & my spiritual life.  And just like that walkway, I had to work on it continuously.  I couldn’t just put in the time on Monday and expect to build what I wanted.  I had to go to work every day.  And yes, I messed up and had to go back and rebuild some spots.  But that’s part of the work.

In our sport, school, jobs, you name it, we are not going to be able to build what we truly want without going to work every day.  Our life is no different.  If you want to build a healthy family, you’ve got to put in the work of daily time, discipline, care, listening, forgiveness.  If you want to build skills that make you a next level athlete, you’ve got to go to work daily in the weight room, in the cage, on the 3 point line, in your mindset, etc every day.  If you want to build a life of peace, purpose, and love.. with less pain, drama, stress, discontentment, you’ve got to go to work building a relationship with Jesus.  That involves daily scripture/devotional, prayer, surrender, humility, and Christian community.

Swinging the hammer once a week is not going to build what you want. Let’s go to work, daily.  If you need suggestions on putting your building plans together, I’d love to help.

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