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Worth the Risk

This article addresses the harsh fact that living for Jesus is risky.  There are evil forces in this world that want nothing more than to shut us down. This blows my mind but is a fact of this fallen world.  That fuels me though!  Back a couple of months ago the Freedom From Religion Foundation who is an an atheist group tried to intimidate and persecute my service in the schools.  As I reflect back on that day, Gods strength was with me and he said press on.  Here is the truth, when persecution is coming your way, feel encouraged because you are making a difference.  If you weren't, nobody would care!  Back in Peter's day, if he was not making a positive difference in the lives of thousands of people, the Pharisees wouldn't have given a hoot.  They would have just blown him off as a village idiot and just ignore him.  But they knew who Jesus was and what His power was capable of and it threatened their misguided, selfish ways.

It is no different today, it just looks different.  Pray for those being persecuted.  Pray for those making a difference in others people lives with the gospel.  When you are challenged for your faith, stand on the Rock.  I have never been more encouraged than being publicly ridiculed for carrying a bible and quoting scripture. It may sound a little weird, but it's the truth.

Remember, if you weren't making a difference for Christ, the devil wouldn't care! So rejoice in your persecution and know you are doing it right!!

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